Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Ha - I was saying to my cousin about "Engrish" foods earlier. I found some wonderful ones on EngrishFunny. Great restaurant offerings: "Squid to be monolithic", "Prawns to the pill pill", "Squid mustache" "Popsicle roasts the intestings" "Chicken with herpes" "Vegetarian in oil" "Starfish usually cooked in a soup with crude drugs" "You inhabit a child's overall with ham" and my personal favourite: "F*ck a bullfrog"

Today's Quote: "You couldn't be any more thoughtless. Oh, wait no... That's not right. Selfless, that's the one." - Himself. "mnnnngggggh"

Continued: "If your family remembers me for my red hot pea-ness, then it must be good!" Long story.

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