Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Picnics and Plants

We had a lovely picnic today, as I made an effort to make this washout season feel a bit more like summer. We had scotch eggs, crisps, fresh fruit, baked ham, applewood smoked cheese and fruit chutney sammiches and a truly summer desert - gooseberry fool. Asda's own is surprisingly nice, a rich mouthfeel that vanishes, somewhat akin to candyfloss.

The gecko will be pleased - I nabbed a patch of moss growing near the building at work yesterday and planted it in the strawberry corner of the tank. Already, from a pale yellowy colour, it has gone a deep glittering green and will look lovely when it matures in and starts growing. Gecko is an impressive 5.4g now. [Edit: 24/08/09 - 5.6g!]

We suddenly realised Snake hadn't been fed today, so I said I'd feed her in the morning. His Lordship asked if that wouldn't take her off guard. I responded "It'll keep her on her toes." And then realised what I'd said. Hang on - snakes don't have feet. (Epic Fail - Awwww: rettungsdroge.com)

I've been eating garlic cream cheese. With a spoon. Yummy.

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