Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Today has been an awesome day. I had one hundred trillion dollars land on my doorstep. Which is freakin' awesome! Thankfully it's Zimbabwean (pre-decimalisation), so we didn't kill the postman lugging all those sacks down the street; practically worthless but I thought it sounded pretty damn cool. Let's face it - when was the last time any of YOU could say you owned one hundred trillion dollars? I can't even remember how many zeros that's supposed to have.

I have watched a special Derren Brown skit where he attempts to guess LIVE the lottery numbers of today. Awesomely, he got all 6 right! I look forwards to seeing how he did that, Friday at 9pm on 4. (pic:

More awesomeness today:
I found my dragon shirt.
I found my GameBoy adapter.
I found my MP3 player and good headphones.
AND I found my passport.
Which is AWESOME!

I wanted to find my MP3 player and suddenly had a flash of yellow. I searched high and low, discovering why I couldn't find everything - someone had moved it! My yellow bag with all these things I wanted (including the passport, which I've been looking for, for over a year) turned up tucked behind some chairs, behind someone's storage box, behind a bag in the bottom of the pine shelving.

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