Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Beetles and Butterworms

Cleaned all the aquatics tanks and noticed to my dismay that the miniature strawberry plants didn't survive the transition from cold outside to warm inside. Never mind.

The beetles have been transferred to their winter habitation as the temperature is dropping rapidly in the shed, and a nice big box of butterworms arrived today. These bizarre insects have a very distinct smell - almost pleasantly sweet, with an odd fruity smell. If anyone's stuck as to what to get me for Christmas, I would love some more! www.butterworms.co.uk The dragons absolutely LOVE these juicy fat worms.

Chicken in pepper sauce with mushrooms, baked mushrooms, veg and spicy wedges for dinner - yummy!

Solved an argument about how to become a great carving craftsperson. "Remove any parts that do not look like the object you are looking for. For instance, if it does not look like a tiger and you want to make a tiger, simply remove all the bits that do not look like the tiger."

I had to laugh at "Most Shocking Fights & Wild Riots 4" - one of their starting features was a "riot" in New Zealand. A man's hat was knocked off.

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