Saturday, 10 October 2009

Baskets for Beardies and Peaches for Geckos...

I have bought a nice wicker basket with a butterfly-style lid on eBay. I figured Tsam was getting a bit big to wrap in his towel and drop in my canvas bag, so this new basket will be far roomier for the pair of them, and better protection from being squished. I can still store my stuff with them, as well as a hot water bottle and a heatmat! Must remember to collect it though - it's in a little village! Progresser75 sells some really funk-tional willow and wicker stuff.

Terry is 8.4g and growing fast. It seems the little lizard has taken to sleeping on the floor wrapped in a favourite leaf - but after some browsing this is actually quite normal for a small percentage of crested geckos.

I've had a fabulous weekend for orange chocolate. Bendicks are doing their bittersweet orange tablets in tubes again, I found a bottle of orange essence to add to my normal (but free!) hot chocolate, Bournville had an offer on their version with real orange pieces AND Terry's have brought out yet another flavour: chocolate orange with popping candy!

(Try singing the title to "Raindrops on roses"... I'm still trying to think of some ideas for the next line, so do submit your entries!)

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