Sunday, 25 October 2009

Dragon Soap!

Soap trial, test day one, assistant: Kyle.
Phase one - introduction.

Enter soap. Green with yellow highlights. Smells extraordinary, a delicate combination of plasticine and licorice at first sniff. Picture taken shortly after her first lick, considering the flavour. My personal initial lick is that it's quite salty. Himself and I had a nibble off a corner each (as promised) and have deduced it's quite like a salty margarine. He's never tried soap before, and has classed it as definitely quite salty. Not a surprise there, as soap is technically a salt. You've got the olive oil, a fatty acid, and lye, a powerful alkalide. Chemistry says combine the two, you get a salt.

Phase two - trial.
Scrub down.

One wet dragon plus soap equals one very foamy dragon! A nice, fine lather, no extravagant bubbles, but a very pleasing cleansing effect. My secondary lick decides that it would probably be alright on toast with a savoury topping, not that I recommend anyone try it. The slightly bitter yucca flavour is quite dominant. Interestingly, yucca extract is often added to dragon food as it helps reduce the smell of the waste! Not the most flattering angle for Kyle there, but you can see a fine layer of foam across her scales.

Kyle enjoying her scrub, not a trace of grey in her usually grumpy features - in fact, a happy orange glow is just deducable in her soapy beard. She has a lick of the foam at this point and declares it bubbly on the tongue. Another lick confirms. A fine lather, but doing a grand job of cleaning the muck off her - the stains on her tail lifted admirably due to the lemon and yucca combination. Antibacterial properties and not only smelling nice, but also reduces smells!

Phase three - rinseoff.
Cleaning away the foam.

Looking much cleaner as we start to rinse her off. I noticed at this point that it'd been about 15 minutes and I still hadn't got prune fingers. Her scales are also surprisingly shiny - this soap's got some pretty good moisturising leet skills! I've never seen her ACTUALLY glitter! That's really added some extra sparkle to her glossy surface and she feels lovely and conditioned.

Phase four - cleandown.
Shiny and polished!

One very clean, surprisingly happy dragon. Kyle's not known for her smiles unless she's either eating or shoved in a jumper. The blend of fruits and herbs I've used has produced a good cleaning effect, and a rather good dragonstank neutraliser, rendering her normally yicky wet dragon smell (akin to wet dog with coffee thrown on it) to dragony but sweet smelling.

Some hours later, she's still smelling pretty decent, her scales are still very smooth and I'm rather impressed!

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