Sunday, 13 December 2009

Disguuuusting Drinks...

Finally, after an arduous train journey with two very well behaved lizards, we are back up North. The kind girl in Sheffield's "Pumpkin" cafe refilled the dragon-hottie. Besides one incident where Kyle politely pooped behind my Nan's TV, they've been as good as gold.

Blurgggh. I just drank the world's most disgusting drink. My mother has excelled herself once more, and surprised me once again. I didn't think last year's Electric Blue Margarita (AKA rocket fuel) could be beaten - but this one's definitely done it. It's called "Zombies Brains". This is made with either tequila or vodka, a spot of lime juice, a spot of grenadine (in last) and Baileys which is carefully applied using a straw. As the Baileys contacts the lime in the bottom, it curdles into a nasty brainshaped pile. Finished with a spot of grenadine, it truly is a bloody awful drink.

The texture is indescribable - it's properly revolting as you slug it back. Don't be tempted to sip, I'm guessing that won't make it any more bearable - just whack it back and prepare to be grossed.

Blurgggggggggh! I just burped, and it was lumpy! I'm now too scared to burp.

It's so lovely to be back home.

Today's Quote: "Success is a journey, not a destination - so stop running and enjoy the scenery."

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