Tuesday, 29 December 2009

A Little Lighthearted!

I was reminded earlier about something Nan did over the holiday - oh, she did so make me laugh. My cousin Elbow was round, teaching the olds to play poker with Himself and myself. I stole a good win and she called me a "douche". Nan took somewhat of a shine to the word, even when we'd try to explain the matter and advise her against keeping it. "Douchebag. It's a great word. Learning new words improves the vocabulary!" .... I'm not sure learning profanitiesimproves the vocabulary per-se. She says next time someone annoys her at the dances, she'll call them a douchbag. "Please Nan, please don't..."

Here's another little star that lit up my evening and made me smile. I recon "UPular" from Pogo could go places. You saw it here first.

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