Sunday, 20 December 2009

Lost Loach

I'm sad to say we lost Weasel today. She was a damn good fish too. However, I can't be too upset as she's been with me at least seven years and I have no idea how old she was when she got here. Weasel was one of my Dojo Loaches - a hardy coldwater fish whom liked nothing more than to skulk in the sand and nab food off her partner Erwin, and travelled hundreds of miles to get to me in the post!

Her original owner was shutting down one of his tanks and had decided he would turf this last remaining fish into a perch pond. I'd found him when I was looking at tanks on eBay, and offered to buy the loach as it would otherwise have been eaten by the fish in the pond.

He said I could have the fish for free, on the condition that it kept it's original name. Sh*tweasel. Well, when I discovered the she was infact a pretty pink girl loach, I kept to my agreement, but shortened it somewhat to just "Weasel". I hope he didn't mind.

My tank won't be the same without her, but the other loaches will continue to dance their Chinese Dragon patterns in the water for many years to come. Happy swimming Weasel old girl.

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