Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Red-Head & Bed-Head

It's been a very successful week after all that gardening I got done! (Although I have noticed the back lawn consists more of daisies than actual grass now...)

My hair is done ready for going up to see the folks for an early Christmas next Saturday -I've gone an even darker chocolatey brown with big red splashes hidden in my hair, flashing like cinnabar in the soil. His Lordship's eccentric hair has finally settled and is looking sensible for a change!

Answers.com is rubbish. I wanted to know why pepperoni is red, and the answer I got was "thats like asking why is the sky blue" [SIC]. Yeah, real helpful, and good punctuation there boyos. For those interested, the normal red shade is due to lots of paprika, or in a lot of cases, artificial colourants. No thanks to Answers. Screw you, you sarcastic help-me-nots.

The dragons basket is almost ready to go, as well as our suitcases. I picked up some special "Solar Drops" for them to try - concentrated vitamin D3 oil, because they won't have access to proper UV lighting to make their own vitamin D. The D3 "Solar Drops" should do the job as a temporary substitute, s they can have a great time watching the world from the train with their hottie bottles, with their systems tricked into believing they're sat in glorious sunshine!

Probably a good job really, as the real world outside has been raining for almost 50 consecutive days...

I can't believe how much washing I have got done, despite the shocking weather: the whites are sparkling, the darks are done, the reds are vibrant and the bulky stuff is still taking up a ton of room. All clean and dry, waiting to be sorted and ironed.

Quote of the week: "Hikik - kikik - ik - ik? Wait. No. I meant who calls their kid King?"

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