Thursday, 24 December 2009

Rough Roads

Hurray! My new tumble drier arrived! It's a lovely silver shiny one. My new coat also arrived and fits like an absolute dream. I must remember not to let His Lordship combine these two nice new items... I also bought the dragons' Christmas present. It will be a little late due to the post, but I picked up a battery operated nail buffer for them, to make trimming those sharp claws just a little bit easier. We did try Mum's "Pedipaws" but it's too unstable and noisy for dragon use. I fixed Mum's so it doesn't waver so much, but the guard is too big for little claws. Talking of presents, one of my Uncles is getting a great gift from Mum. Here's my brother holding it up for us! A fantastic example of world-class giftwrapping. I aspire to be that good one day. Mind you, last year's bench was spectacular; every single beam was individually wrapped. It took five rolls of tape...

The ice is still here, even after the hail followed by rain. The rain has polished the ice beautifully and made it deathly slick - it's going to be interesting getting to and from work tomorrow. Luckily it's the last day before a long weekend and it's set to be a little warmer overnight, so it might not be so bad.

The manageress suggested I should travel the large duel carriageway to work. Having done that in the past, with my little 50mph bike, I'm not keen. After all, I can go as slow as I like and there is very little traffic on my roads, as opposed to screaming heavy traffic. Somehow I don't fancy skidding off at 50 and ending up under a car. I am deeply reluctant and will continue to traverse my current route - especially being as there was a nasty four car pile up on the main road.

Here's a newsflash from the local global warming protest!

Sorry for the delay, I'm back to finish my post! I just got disappointed twice by eBayers today, for the first (and second) time in my life. I've been sent three packs of completely the wrong cards; I ordered version 4.0 and they've sent me all "Family" version. I also ordered a nail buffer from another store, the dragons' present. "Brand new and sealed" and it's come in packaging all warped and bent with weird brown stains and smells funny! Ew!

Quote of the Day: "Bikes and ice are like fish and gravy." from another one of my Uncles. Um ... What?

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