Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Cool Cuppa for a Belated Birthday

I had a birthday package arrive today, which was super awesome! In my box I discovered a shiny new kettle, which was good as we haven't had a kettle all this week. The one Mum sent me is supercool. I can set it to be one of nine different coloured-light kettles, or a mood light kettle. When it's got cold water it's blue and as it heats up it goes deeper blue, purple then red when it boils. Once it's done, it sings a cute little "beebeebeep", just like my tumbledrier which is also silver and cute.

Party-in-a-box not only makes for great partyness, but it also makes good packaging it seems. It certainly tastes better than polystyrene packing peanuts. Peanuts are yummy, but packing peanuts are not nearly as tasty, even considering how nice they look... There's also a cool book, some yummy chocolate, a packet of tasty dried figs, crisps, party poppers and cake. And so we have a party in my bed! Those party poppers are really loud! Jelly is awesome and Smarties cakes are just the right size for nommage. Even Tsam likes lemon and lime jelly.

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