Monday, 11 January 2010

Kyle is a Twit?

Well, the weather we were promised has not yet arrived thankfully, but here's a picture of England in the snow from That'd be a whole lot of cold then folks! It seems the snow is slush and fading fast - still bitterly cold, but an improvement. Hopefully I'll be able to lift the rhubarbs into their bag soon.

The monster icicle snapped off under its own weight in the early hours of the morning, landing with an extraordinary, almost electronic sounding smash on the pathway.

Tsam and Kyle have spent their time tucked away in their huts - it's too cold to want to run around today. Kyle's sat by her bowl wondering how that puddle has sneaked in and stolen her snowball.

Update: Kyle now has her own Twitter. I don't, as I don't like the concept, but she was insistent that we should "get with the times". You can follow her from here:

Thought for the day: Rumours have it that Twitter, Youtube and Facebook are teaming up to build a supernetworking site. They're calling it "YouTwitFace".

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