Wednesday, 13 January 2010

T'riffic Tumblers Two

I am both amused and impressed today. You all recall I recently purchased a tumble drier from Well, today someone from the company had left me a comment on the T'riffic Tumblers blog comment: "Did you receive your tumble dryer alright? Hope you are happy with it, let us know how you are getting on, or leave a review for other customers!" (Pic: Scribble on a wall somewhere.)

That, my friends, is good customer service! I promptly wrote an email in with a thanks. I'm pleased to say I am delighted with my drier. The service was speedy and simple, the drier itself is fabulous - I never realised how much water tumbledriers kick out. I'm just glad that's not going all over the house and is neatly contained in it's easy to empty water tank!

I'd certainly recommend them (and am doing!) for good quality, fantastic value electricals. It saves trawling all round town and paying over the odds from the bigger companies, as much as they may be well known. My tumble drier came with a year's warranty and I purchased using a credit card just in case they weren't legitimate. No worry there though, as they're definitely legit (having been Visa Verified) and lovely!

When I need to buy a new washing machine in a couple of weeks, I'll be certain to come back as I have my eye on a shiny matching Beko washer. "A" rated energy and wash efficiency and only £221 with delivery, that's a bargain I can't resist - especially being as I've had such a good buying experience last time. I won't be waving "good buy" to these guys! (Pic: AD's Beko washer)

UPDATE: Am purchasing it now, as Hank is moving his next week.

Quote of the day: "This town has plenty of local colour. It's just a shame that colour is beige..."


  1. Thank you very much for your fanatastic recommendation of Appliance Deals!

    I hope you are as happy with your washing machine as with your dryer.

    If you have any questions, please contact us.

    Thank you

  2. Hehe, you're more than welcome. I hope so too and will leave a blog when it arrives and has been tested.


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