Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Dragon Ball!

Sorry anime fans, this isn't Dragon Ball Z, this is Dragon Ball Tsam!

Tsam just LOVES a challenge. He enjoys a game we called "Magic Air" - just a clear plastic packaging box that he fell in love with, having climbed in the open end he was digging at the shut end. At first I thought he'd got stuck and was freaking out, but he sulked when I opened it so I let him play with it for hours! Eventually he'd had enough of digging so I opened it again and he happily went to sleep in his new toy. (You can see Magic Air again here:

So I figured we'd get him an upgrade, as his favourite box is getting a bit old and battered now...

We upgraded him to a ferret ball.

Tsam hasn't quite worked out how to run long distances yes, but he's having a great time digging it and scooting it a few feet a time. He's blackbearding in the photo because he's managed to sit it outside smexi Kyle's tank and he thinks she's goooooorgeous.

Kyle's just relieved that she can wander around outside her tank without getting jumped on!

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