Thursday, 11 February 2010

Fast Foody Fancies

I remember sitting on my Nan's garden wall, eating KitEkat biscuits with Rusty and Pippa. My favourite were the beef ones... I try everything twice, just to make sure my first test was accurate. I also try things again in a year or two just to check if my tastes have changed or not.

I still don't like olives though. I tried them again (green and black) a month or two back. Twice. I still don't like them. But I do like eggy bread with maple syrup. Mmmm.

The perfect chocolate sponge - I think I finally mastered it today. It's taken months of tweaking my recipe, but it's paid off as a fine, smooth, velvety, moist, light, foamy chocolate syrup sponge much to my deepest delight. Whether I can make it again is another question, as I don't use measures.

I used one medium egg, a glass of sugar, a glass of flour, half a glass of good cocoa, and an egg and a half sized chunk of Vitalite. Blitzed together until it turned into a solid lump, I sloshed milk in it until it formed ribbons and peaks in the blending, then poured into a greased, syruped plate-sized pyrex circle dish. 12 minutes in the microwave with checks at the 8 and 10 mark, et voila - dreamcake. Turns out it's just as good on day two!

And all the house smells of cake. Mmm.

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