Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Just Jovialities

Here's a fun site for you to try: Cleverbot! Cleverbot is like the Igod upgraded. The logarithms are much more sophisticated this time and it genuinely learns from the people playing with it. His Lordship tried to break the programme using illogical math (0/0 = ?). It thought about it and told him "That is mean!" I forget the subject Bot and I were discussing at the time, but I loved the response I got to one of my questions: "Well, I can't eat antigravity. It isn't a matter of liking or disliking it at all. It is just there."

In line with a little fun today, I've added one of my favourite movie clips of all time. Himself and I have been Maru fans for some time, but this clip reduces me to tears of laughter EVERY time we watch it.

Interesting fact of the day: Most numbers written do not contain the letter "A". It's only when you get to "One thousand" that it truly appears!

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