Friday, 5 February 2010

Mix Ups and Muddles...

Frustratingly, all my plans have been turned on their head again, so I have to move the tanks upstairs at some point so we can rent the downstairs rooms as His Lordship believes we'll get more for it. My thought on the matter is that it's massively inconvenient - where am I going to put visitors?! It's really going to tick Terry off, being shufted into a different environment. He's 12.2g of sticky, sneaky malevolence...

Aww. I got sent the wrong controller. They're shipping me a new one and refunding postage to return, which is kind of them. In the meantime, I picked up a new animal hut to match Tsam and Kyle's, and saved £5 on that too, free P&P. And got sent the wrong one. Though, this was a bonus as it was bigger than the one I was expecting.

I've been teaching Tsam how to use the new hideyholes that are built into the tank - the clever boy cottons on to new ideas SO fast. I bunged him in, waited for him to have a good look round and wiggled a finger in the top. He politely licked the finger and had a look out of the hideyhole. "Oooh" he says! Out pops his head, has a look around and hops out, easy as. He was twice the speed second time round, so I'm content he knows what he's doing to get out - getting in is going to take some learning though. Kyle, bless her, has a little bit more difficulty. She's very slightly too tubby to fit through with the same ease as Tsam!

Talking of which, I have been speaking to Barry and Kisa of BloodBankDragons and discovered it's possible to ship dragons over with the ones sent for European reptile shows. Normally to export a BBD from the US costs $800. As lots are being shipped for the EU Expo, that reduces it to about $150 - which is an equivalent saving of about £400! I'll still have to wait until I move into my own home though (Pic: - another pretty dragon. Still like the red and black one though!) Current Potential "Savings": £685

Talking of savings, ApplianceDeals sent me another nice little message to let me know they'd upgraded their webpage. I have to say, it looks a lot more professional than their main competitors; having had a poke about on it, it's a lot easier to use too. The search function is much slicker and the front page alone has such easy access to choice! Let's put it this way, I'll certainly be back for a fridge-freezer when my old one finally claps out!

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  1. Thank you for the review! Glad you like the new site. If you need any help in the future choosing your new fridge freezer, you know where to come!


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