Friday, 26 March 2010

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day!

Seriously -the 26th IS Make your own holiday day. And my choice of holiday is Ice Cream Day. So here's the best ice cream site ever:

I designed what must be one of the most awesome flavours in the world: Sweetmaple Wafflenut. Sweetcream to soften the strong flavour of maple syrup and chunks of wafflecone with hazelnut pieces blended with Nutella and caramel sauce. Mmmm, yum. But being as it doesn't exist, my favourite is still Half Baked. (Though I haven't forgiven them for pulling "Pulp Fiction" - chocolate and orange with orange liquor!)

Though now, Half Baked is in serious trouble. Ben and Jerry have created what must be almost absolutely identical to my ideal ice cream idea - "Fairly Nuts". Creamy caramel ice cream and a sticky caramel swirl, with salty-sweet praline almond chunks. Heaven in a tub... "Awesome. A little too sweet if you tried to eat a whole tub, but completely awesome." says His Lordship.

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