Saturday, 6 March 2010

PROPER Chip Butties

We did the most amazing dinner a few days back. I picked up a nice slab of gammon to roast with chunks of pineapple for flavour and moisture and finished the tender meat with a crisp honey glaze. When served up with fresh veggies on a bed of soft honey mustard mash, it makes for an incredible combination - I certainly recommend this surprisingly simple dish. May have to do it when some family visit some time, I think it could be quite popular! (Especially if I don't tell my brother what it is)

Although, I miss home sometimes. Fish and chips just isn't the same down South, not to mention harder to get and more expensive. Here, thanks to Google Maps, I've found a 6km by 4km of my old town with a glorious THIRTYSEVEN chippies in easy reach.

Better yet, I can have my chips in stotties. Now, this is an argument that has been going on between myself and His Lordship (and HLSenior) for some time. They claim that there's no such thing as a stottie because it isn't in the dictionary, furthermore they insist that it's a giant bap. "Bap" I ask you. Like this is America.

Well, I finally won my argument, and here's undeniable proof: STOTTIE at ASDA! For further evidence I rang the ASDA people at 17:32 06/03/10. They checked the site for me, confirmed it does exist, it is a real food item and it's even in stock. What better proof than a global company? I thank you.

Related Thought for the Day: What would happen if you put olive oil on the feet of a gecko? Looking forwards to seeing what you think in the next post!
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