Monday, 29 March 2010

Smoke and Mirrors Day

I'd like you to pay attention to this Turritopsis Nutricula. It's the immortal jellyfish, quite literally defying all laws of nature by being genuinely immortal. Most jellies die after breeding, but when Nutricula gets old it returns to polyp state, cheating death and starting all over again! (Img: Here.) Scientific studies show that 100% of the jellies have this ability for perpetual biological immortality - but sadly this doesn't save them from being a yummy snack for fish...

So, today is the national day of mystery - and I'm proud to say I've finally solved the mystery of why occasionally, when Kyle hogs out on roaches, she hiccups and a live roach runs out! It makes me laugh because it's totally gross, and she will chase it down to eat all over again... It turns out when she's been yomming a lot of beetles in one go, or I've been hand-feeding her some veggies (she's a pest for not eating her greens!), she's been storing some in her throat pouch/beard to finish eating later! I've often noticed Kyle and Tsam've had lumpy throats, but she happened to be basking with her mouth wiiiiiide open on the sunny windowsill - and there it was - apple and green bell pepper chunks tucked behind her tongue! As I'm typing, I've just looked up and spotted her chewing on some. I just hope they don't do it this week, as I've treated them to a big box of locusts. They're just like Macdonalds for Dragons: they love their hoppy meals.

In 2004, astronomers discovered a very special star. "BPM 37093", otherwise known as Lucy, is composed 90% of diamond, measuring 4,000 km across and 10 billion trillion trillion carats. 50 light years from Earth in the Centaurus Galaxy, Lucy is classified as a crystallized white dwarf, as the hot core of carbon that remains after a star burns out slowly cools and solidified. Only recently have scientists been able to study the contents of the white dwarf, and they’ve confirmed that the crystallized carbon interior of the star is, in fact, the galaxy’s largest diamond. radiant but also rings like a gigantic gong, undergoing constant pulsations. "a diamond that truly is forever," says Travis Metcalfe. (Pic: Centaurus Galaxy, home of Lucy. More amazing star pictures here.)

Following the Smoke and Mirrors trend, we aim to the biggest displayers of the two: Hollywood. If you haven't seen Alice in Wonderland, I suggest you do. It's remarkably beautiful and Depp has redeemed himself from the Chocolate Factory Fiasco. The CGI and costumiers really outdid themselves. Please, do one thing - go see it!

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