Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Bedside and Seaside

It's proving to be an interesting week, one way or another. His Lordship and I were a little worried by a double booking between His family and mine, but unfortunately His father has been taken into hospital. We haven't got a lot of information at the moment, but the doctors say they've found three "lesions" on his brain - the inflammation caused by one had pressed on a nerve, restricting the movement in his right arm. The meds they've supplied him have reduced the swelling and they're sending him in for further scans.

On a lighter note of fail, I have to laugh. They were looking at options if surgery is required and the anaesthesiologist is called Doctor Sleep. The surgeon's name is.... wait for it.... Doctor Knife! Although rather sensibly, he's chosen Doctor Sleep over the other anaesthesiologist - his name is so funny it kills me: his name is... Doctor Death! No word of a lie.

I managed to lock my keys in my motorbike a good fifty minutes away... Genius. Thankfully I have a very understanding family (once they'd stopped laughing at me) whom kindly drove all the way back to go get the spare, leaving me to keep an eye on my siblings. To pass the time, we sat on the sea wall and watched the waves slosh against the rocks - until it occurred to them how much fun it would be to snatch a pebble from the bottom of the sea stairs, avoiding the tide...

Needless to say, the ocean always wins out - promptly slopping my brother right up his back and soaking his shoes. But, oh karma. A wave shot up the front of the sea wall and sloshed my sister and I whilst we sat cacking ourselves laughing at our soggy brother. Ah well, they managed to steal a couple of good stones from the seas.

Word of the Day: "sympathink" - Mumma.

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