Monday, 12 April 2010

Dief, Dief the Veggie Thief!

My sister was peeling vegetables for dinner, when they heard a noise from the hallway... Dief the Dog had stolen and was nomming down on some yommy carrot. I tell you, Mum's dogs are semi-vegetarian; they adore "chickens" which really are mangetouts and I have NEVER seen a dog get so excitable for food as Stottie does. Except he goes mad not for meat or treat - but for broccoli.

One of the neighbours still can't get Deifenbaker's name right - my favourite alternative so far has been "Cheese and Bacon", but she seems to have settled happily for "Beef'n'Bacon". Close enough I guess!

Another interesting little quirk is that they are indeed Pavlovian dogs - I don't mean crispy and meringue-like, I mean they respond without fail to a musical stimulus. In Mum's dogs case - Eastenders theme tune prompts a ferocious bout of licking! Soooo... If I leave this here, it will be like a dog-based trap just waiting to be triggered. Muwuhahahaha!

A friend of mine calls dogs "Dishlickers". I call these ones "portable dishlickers" due to their compact, easy to transport dimensions.

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