Thursday, 29 April 2010

Perfect Pyramids, Plants and... Peacocks?

Hurrah! After 193 games, I finally won my fifth game of Pyramid Solitaire and landed the silver trophy. It cost nearly 10k points, but I've gained a profit of over 25k, so that works quite well. I figure that to be approximately 1:39 chance of winning a single game. It's going to take a while to pull of the two consecutive wins I need to get the gold...

My little Chocolate Cosmos plants arrived today, so I had the pleasure of planting those after a trip to Homebase to pick up some more pots. I collected some simple, plain terracotta pots which I thought would complement the silvery-green leaves and, later, the oxblood reddish brown, vanilla chocolate scented blossoms. I also picked up a dormant red currant stalk whilst I was shopping.

Red currant is a fortuitous find for me, as my garden is small and rather dark for the most part, only getting good sun in the morning - and thankfully currants enjoy shadier growing! It'll prove a fragrant, zangy compliment to the other fruits I have going, and will sit nicely in the darker patch near the roses... If I keep at it, I might even get some nice fruit at the end! (Although I found this rather funny picture at - I thought it was quite appropriate!)

Ooh, I rescued a ginger chicken on the way home today. Somehow, the silly orange bird had managed to get out, and it couldn't get back in it's pen again, so the poor thing was wandering up and down in the road, obstructing traffic and getting very upset. She could see her other chickeny pals, but there was a wire fence in the way!

I pulled over, herded her to the side of the fence and kept her out of the way whilst the traffic passed. She was going "bruuuuuuk, bruuuuuuk" in panic when I grabbed her, but as soon as she realised I was putting her over the fence, she held stock still and went quiet. Her speckledy friend took her over to the water and she settled down, happy as can be. (Img: Trajchegjerasimov - Worth1000)

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