Sunday, 30 May 2010


I had to chuckle this morning - heading down to the bakers, I suddenly realised there was a little blackbird following me. I stepped back to watch him as he hopped towards the baker's van and waited whilst the baker shoved a tray of loaves in. The bird peeped in the door of the van, looked round, peeped in the van again ... and hopped in. The baker came back out with another tray and asked what I was looking at. I quietly pointed at the wee blackbird eating the crumbs from the floor of his van and he laughed. "Cheeky bugger - he's been inside the shop twice today already!" And for forgetting my sammich, he gave me a free pecan slice - yay!

BLACKBERRIES! We loooooove the blegs! Blackberries and raspberries and cherries and strawberries - Tsammy Dragon's face has turned all purple and pink, he's eaten so many! he yommed one so hard he nearly bit my finger. He crammed the second huge berry down, and demolished the third one. I held out a fourth and he grabbed it, bit it - bit it... bit it again and realised it wouldn't fit in his mouth. He was forced to put it down and he looked heartbroken. He was all "oh nooooes. My blackberrieeeeeeee...." He's still wandering round with a bleg tucked in his throat pouch for later - greedy boy. Eyes literally bigger than his belly!

Joe has recently rescued a beardie called Bug, after hours of discussing the matter via MSN. Bug's perfectly healthy, he just needed a new home as his owners had a baby. Bug's getting him well trained, in much the same way Kyle used to do with me. She used to go through phases of demanding in and out and in and out of her tank, banging on the door 'til I came over...I got clever and left her door open, but then she'd want in or out of the door that WASN'T open. So I got really smart to it, and opened both doors into the middle, so she can get in and out of either end herself. And so now now she gets her revenge - Kyle sulks in her house instead.

I'm disgusted. Co-Op shop used to do a nice big bag of chocolate coated peanuts, and another of raisins, for a pound each - but they've pulled them in favour of the smaller Cadbury's bags. Two pounds a time. I'm not paying that for a bag of peanuts!

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