Monday, 24 May 2010

Bluest Blue and Fastest Fast Browser!

You may have noticed I've given the old Blog a bit of a makeover. After many years of my new-modern ironic reverse bookprint style, I got bored of this classic back-black and white, so I have upgraded everything for a subtle, fresh blend of blues. This brings the advantage of richer, balanced colours and it's easier to read as the contrast isn't quite so strong whilst retaining that comforting density. (Pic: unknown source. Message me. "Knork" is my favourite!)

Being as no-one seems to know why jelly sweets go solid in jelly, here's a new question: why do bad guys always have to have rotating chairs? His Lordship thinks it must be so they can have a dramatic entrance without actually having to get up.

Hehehehe. I told Tsam it wasn't a good idea to try to climb the stack of DVDs, but he ignored me and tried it anyway. The Green Mile promptly fell over and smacked him on the head. He's having a marvellous time chasing Kyle around, whom is heavily defended by her giant hamster ball. She's got really good at trundling that around now!

If you're still using Firefox, or worse, Internet Explorer - then please, do yourself a favour and stop it already! I've been encouraging friends to convert to Chrome - and I'm pleased to announce that NONE of my converts have gone back to their previous internet browser! I have been using it since the betas, and have been pleased by each successive tweak. Watch the video below, and then come join us:

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