Monday, 28 June 2010

Data Protection - Are YOU Protecting YOURSELF?

It amazes me the amount of information people give away without even realising it. I quickly and simply worked out which town this person lived in, their school, that they'd recently moved to America and their ethnic background from one image of a rescued rat without having even spoken to them. It was childplay simple too - there was a letter upside down with a zipcode, a school timetable folded up and they were stacked on a foreign notebook with a scribbled reminder to apply for something on social security and another letter allowing them an interpreter if required. I'm a regular Sherlock, me - but this was just too easy. The "Victim" learned a valuable lesson though.

I know I allow a LOT of info out about myself, even if it doesn't look like it to you, dearest reader - but I'm always careful to make sure it's stuff I'm OK with other people knowing. Things like the rumour of the "Facehunt" stalker app unsettles me - the ability to snap a picture of someone on the street which the app then runs through a database to find out as much as it can about that person if it matches the image on a social network, a website, anything they've put online. That's SCARY.

Terry is growing fast in the sweltering heat - he's now 15.5g and shed last night. Mmm, tasty skin. Geckos really know about making sure people can't find them. What better way than extreme camouflage and leaving no evidence that you were ever there in the first place?

"I think your friend is a computer. She knows to much about animals and hacking peoples informationz." - the "Victim".

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