Saturday, 12 June 2010

Ravenous and Roving Reptiles

The cutest thing happened today! I was watching Terry sticking to his window, and wiggled my finger across the front. For the first time, he tried to bite the strange white blob as it squeaked on the glass - so hard he fell off! I fell about laughing and dashed downstairs to grab the butterworms box. As he snuck around the little lilly, I dropped one of the smaller, luminescent yellow grubs onto the ground; Terry's eyes widened jet black. His head slowly tipped for a better look and POW! He had the worm and was shaking it like a mental terrier, battering it into submission and then chewing it side to side like the reel on a typewriter. Shluck shluck shluck - and the worm was gone. Nummnumnumlickity!

After the gecko had his lunch, we took a walk in the sunshine with the dragons to get ours from little Tescos. We picked up some fresh bread, peppers and salami for sandwiches and picked some of my home grown rocket and lettuce to finish it off when we got back. Kyle had decided she'd had enough of all this cheerfulness and made a mighty leap through the kitchen door, stalking off home in an inexplicable sulk. Which reminds me - my sister has made these awesome shoes!

Tsam, on the other hand, thought this was the best thing ever (as he's often prone to doing). We had a nice bask on the step before hopping down into the daisies for an exciting outdoors poop. (Him, not me.) This was followed by a slink through the grass and stopped to admire the rhubarb leaflets under the big red stalks. I advised him it was probably not a good idea to eat one, so he had a tentative lick and agreed with me; it didn't taste that nice. From there we had a good look at the radishes, an appraisal of the peas and a disgusted face at the number of onion stalks growing, so we left there and went to run amongst the raspberries. There weren't any ready yet, the gooseberries looked too small and prickly for words and the strawberries were all green. He gave me a look that quite clearly said "What kind of a gardener ARE you if you can't even have fruit ready for me when I want it?" We walked round the shed with Tsam checking it for leaks by sticking his nose in every slat...

Suddenly - a BIRD! The female blackbird looked at Tsam and Tsam looked at her. They both looked at me. She pooped and flew off, so Tsam and I came inside to relax with something a little less scary - my blogging and Tsam to dig in his cave. He does like to make it nice and comfy when he's been away such a long time! I wonder if she was checking her tweets?

Here's another cute eating scenario: This is Zac and Wheezie - the world's oldest and healthiest twin siamese dragons!

Word of the day: "Bobsnug" - from Garrett, describing Tsam attempting to assert his authority whilst huddling down in a comfy hug. Needless to say, it wasn't especially successful, but it was sweet!

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