Monday, 21 June 2010

Real Dragons!

Kyle has had a wonderful day today. She took a stroll around her tank (as she is occasionally inclined to do) and discovered her hatchday present from back in May. Delighted, she's decided she DOES like it after all and spent the ENTIRE day sat on her little Dragon's Hoard feeling like a proper fire-breathing, proud dragon!

Tsam's quite content too - his best fun was yesterday going for a walk in Sherborne park. He hopped out of his basket and happily trotted along the paving slabs besides the little stream and waterfall, stopping at the edge. "Oooh." he says. "I know what THAT is!" He leapt into the water and shuddered - it was a bit colder than his baths at home. He had a nice splash under the waterfall, a quick wee and hopped back out to bask in the sunshine. Heaven.

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