Sunday, 22 August 2010

Dragon Dubstep

Today's been a bit of a giggle. Tsam managed to get a bit too interested in his string last night - he pulled it off and promptly got the sticky bits glued to himself. I nearly wet myself laughing because I found him there, wide eyed, going "The bright things have got me, the bright things have got me!" I should have got a picture really, but I felt sorry for him. Silly bugger has left them well alone since I put them back up.

My brother got Fraped (for those not in the know, that's when someone gets into your social networking account on FaceBook and does horrible things to it) and all his stats set for dating men. They must have spent ages signing him up to all these Gay Pride fan pages - poor kid. Mum is apparently delighted with the new concept word and describes being lick-attacked by the dogs as being "Draped". Hehehehe. More on "Fraped" HERE. Caution - some language may be mildly offensive.

Things didn't get any better for poor Tsam, as we cleaned Eden Snek's tank out. Eden happily climbed into the giant hamster ball whilst I took apart her tank and pulled out the rubbish. Tsam saw Eden in the ball and went on a ballistic "AUUUUGGHH!" flight of insanity - almost literally running across his ceiling he was that far up the walls. I'd have taken a picture, but I was too busy trying to calm the poor boy down. Took an hour for him to get to the stage where he was brave enough to bob, and another to go charging round the house "reclaiming his territory".

After that, he was clearly feeling better. His Lordship was playing some dubstep, bobbing and nodding along to the music... and it turns out that dragons are hardwired for dubstep beats! The rhythm of his nodding constituted a serious, though baffling threat to Tsam's territory, so he threw a great and confused wobbly. Marvellous really, as Tsam was bobbing and stamping nicely in time to the music.

The appropriately named: "The Dragon Is Chasing You!" dubstep track. The top level bass is rather juicily cut up, though simplistic.

The Dragon Is Chasing You! by Grimey Bastard

Later on, I was telling S about it (He doesn't run by his real name, and wanted an extra level of mystique, so "S" it is.) and he was amazed: "Oh, that's what that means. Would explain why the lizard, didn't really get a good look, just kinda looked at me and started dancing. I was drunk so I just said 'Eh, you do your thing, I'll do mine.' Yeah, well little did he know I have mad dance skillz yo. I can river dance and Macarena like the best of em." I adore S. He lives on a completely different freakin' world to the rest of us...

Quote of the Day: We were watching a programme about useless husbands and wondered what it was we had in common with each other. "We like computers. We like grapes. We like the same sorts of food. We like the Moon. We really like our wegetables..." Yeah. That'll do for us.

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