Wednesday, 4 August 2010

This Week's Weirdness...

We discovered a rather unusual nightclub that promotes Green Thinking and eco-friendliness. Not only do Surya use solar power and turbines, but they've developed a piezoelectric floor that bounces on a combination of generator springs and crystals to create its own electricity. When packed, this club generates over 60% of it's own power requirement - from the people dancing. Yep, you heard me. Dancing makes this club awesome!

Actually, talking of solar power, we may be set for a solar blackout here in the UK, as NASA have it. Apparently we're in for a once of a generation space storm tonight, as sunspot 1092 has produced an extremely rare double magnetic eruption, pointed directly at Earth - and the major wave is heading on in. The Solar Dynamics Observatory predict that it will trigger off some spectacular and amazing aurorae (I'll keep watching for pictures when it hits) and they're a bit concerned as to what effect it's going to have on communications satellites and that there mau be powercuts. (Img: SDO's picture of current sun activity in high frequency UV.) Have a look HERE for a wicked cool movie and pictures of the storm as captured by solar satellites. It's nice and clear - apparently we'll be able to see the aurorastorm tonight if you're in a dark enough area! Woot!

Today I had to laugh. I came downstairs looking for His Lordship, to find him in the middle of our "temporary kitchen" whisking away at a bowl of yellow mush. After promptly splopping egg everywhere and looking round for a bowl to pour his creation in, he suddenly stopped. "Aw FECK. I forgot to put flour in my cake!" I nearly wet myself laughing - how do you forget to put flour in a cake?! Apparently it's a finely tuned technique all to do with how you read your own handwritten recipe - if you get one bit and do one bit at a time, it's very easy to accidentally skip a skip a line. And that, my love, is why you should always read a recipe in full before starting!

Never mind sweetie, I found your favourite clip for you!

We also got a new word registered on the UrbanDictionary - Spob: to spob; the act of bouncing a spoon of soup or similar liquids to reduce chance of spillage, with the drip hopefully falling back into the bowl from whence it came.

"I spobbed the spoon, and the soup droplet clinging to the bottom dripped off."

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