Sunday, 26 September 2010


As I am officially on holiday, I thought I'd start it with something truly great for a Sunday Morning. (To offset the ironing I have to do to pack the suitcase...)

I love bacon. In fairness, nearly everyone loves bacon. No, really though, I think bacon is BRILLIANT. I like mine burnt to a desiccated, smoking crisp that shatters if you drop it. But the Americans really blow me away when it comes to eating bacon. They have EVERYTHING bacon.

They have bacon flavour Cola, bacon tattoos, bacon toys, bacon soap, bacon flavour envelopes, bacon gumballs, squeezy bacon, bacon lipbalm, Baconnaise...

This here is the ultimate breakfast-on-the-go treat. A caffeinated maple syrup and bacon lollypop. No word of a lie, they have some very strange stuff. They even have bacon flavoured formula for babies. Honestly!

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