Friday, 10 September 2010

Fabulous Fridge-Freezer!

My latest big house purchase is from You'll probably remember we bought a terrific tumble drier and a wonderful washing machine from them a few months back - we've now added a fabulous fridge freezer in matching Beko Silver to our brand new kitchen.

Once again I'm very pleased to say I'm delighted with the service - especially the free delivery, and that they're recycling our old one for just a tenner - can't complain with that! Oh, and the price: £282 for 160 litres done 50:50, A rated efficiency with a frost free system, an intelligent auto-defrosting facility and one year's free warranty.

I did get a bit cheeky and asked very nicely if they'd let me get away with a discount, but fair enough, the prices are very low already - but it was worth a try and the nice chappy (Jamie - thanks!) found it funny and entirely reasonable - don't ask, don't get!

Arriving on Tuesday, I look forwards to updating you all on my new fridge freezer.

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