Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Super Service!

This morning, I was awoken by Himself unexpectedly trundling downstairs - our new fridge freezer arrived at 20 past 7! I'll give them credit though, that's some speedy delivery... As the delivery men unpacked our lovely new freezer, the driver noticed a mark on the side... and found a big one slap bang in the middle of the fridge door. Awww. He called it in for us, and after a little natter to ascertain what's happened, they gave us a good discount, which was jolly nice of them! A spot of TCut, a clean cloth and a bit of elbow grease later and you can barely tell.

Thanks again ApplianceDeals.co.uk!

When I got home this afternoon, I discovered Kyle's LED strip had fallen down, and she'd taken matters into her own hands! With her help and some extra stickies, we got it back up again.

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