Thursday, 30 September 2010

Taping Thursday? Sort of...

Thursday brings ritual humiliation - Himself is now one of the family. I'd jokingly tied his hood into a neat loop round his nose, when my mother took the packaging tape to him. He was a spectacularly good sport, giggling as he was firmly taped into his jumper...

It reminded me of the time we got my sister good - we initially zipped my brother into one of the sofa cushion cases, and my sister demanded that she be zipped into one also. And what can I say, we were more than happy to oblige. We zipper her in, tied the zip shut, and my mother and I lugged her up the stairs; bump, bump, bump. A fair heft, and we landed her with a "THUD" in the bottom of the bath. The shower made it far more fun though - she was squealing, soaking wet and slipping everywhere whilst we sat downstairs: "CLUNK! ... I'm was just the taps."

Friday I mostly spent recovering from His cold.

QOTD: "I'm off to use the little boy's room." - Him "I'd use the bathroom if I were you." - Mum "Yeah, my brother wouldn't be best pleased..." - Me

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