Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Tuesday Travelling and Wednesday Woes...

The Tuesday Train Special was 20 lickies. Licky coats, licky books - particularly licky pale blue ones. I should explain: we were fortunate enough to be travelling with that unique type of children's TV presenter personalities to go alongside the very, very loud "20, 20 of them. 20." uttered by a person of special requirements. The constant repetition was enough to encourage the sanest of us to join in: "20 birthdays, 20 of them." for over half an hour.

The dragons were as good as gold however, sleeping through the first train journey, watching from the window on the second, and digging in their basket on the third. His Lordship was pleased when the special finally got off - we only had "two more jumps to go." This is what happens when you remove the eVe pilot from his natural environment...

That and the violent attack of germs that arrive most times His Lordship travels North. Tissue confettirising explosive sneezes, and permanent night time wheezes - neither of us slept much, so we took it easy for the first day.

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