Saturday, 16 October 2010

BOOM! Back on TNT

Hurray! Another article has been published by The Neopian Times!

As promised Danny, I got the word "seahorse" in there. "You .. I mean ... wow. I AM impressed. And not just at the amount of free time you have. But seriously, I am gobsmacked, good work. Now can you help Loulou get an article containing the word 'minions' printed in the New York Times?"

Thanks! And yes, possibly, if she already has connections.

Big thanks to Knight_Blade for his first person account! I couldn't have written this one without your help.

That's my fourth piece written and accepted - so what's my next article to be about? All suggestions, ideas and jokes welcomed. If you'd like to give me a word (preferably not adult in context - it is a kid's site after all) I'll manage to fit it into my next article somehow. After all, I'm a master at playing "word in conversation with customers" at my big branch. They were impressed when I managed to have a conversation about ostrich steak (too easy) as today's task - and I worked "supercalifragalisticexpealidotious" into a sentence as if it were perfectly normal. Customer didn't notice a thing!

The fun you can have, selling savings accounts!

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