Sunday, 3 October 2010

Chips and Carrots

Chip in a Bottle update: My darling littlest brother brought his bizarre project down for us to have a look at. 18 months on, and the KFC chip is still in surprisingly good condition, especially considering he keeps shaking it up. It's still chip shaped, though in three large chunks. He must NOT open the bottle, as I suspect he's likely to give us botulism on the first toxic, reeking "psssht" of gasses releasing from under the cap.

I do miss my Mum's cooking, so I'm always delighted when she puts together something tasty when we visit. This time we had a delicious chicken dinner and she even did cooked carrots for us - a great honour, as normally carrots are served raw. Saffron, honey and orange carrots - they're honest to goodness amazing, sweet and juicy, full of texture and flavour. I'm told they make a wonderful soup if you cook them in a little extra orange juice and then blend into a smooth soup. I can see it looking sumptuously thick and orange with a swirl of sour cream in the middle...

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