Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Faster Pasta and Pie

You know what - I didn't mind when I nearly got ran over today. For a change, it was a dark, British Racing Green 2, Bentley Continental Series 51 (a truly unique car - unmistakeable features!) and he was very polite about it. One of those smiles that was at once apologetic, slightly embarrassed of his wealth and delighted that I thought it was a nice car. One of my favourites in fact - I'm on the mailing list with Bentley to see their new cars. Mmmmmm. Here's some Bentley "off the peg" Colours.

Fusilli - the arcade penny machine of the pasta world. Scoop it with a fork and it looks like "yeah, that's a LOAD of pasta". Get it high enough to put in your mouth and discover you only actually have one on the fork. Stabbing it is not much better either - the swirls compress and don't slide up the tines, so you still only end up with a few pieces of pasta. If you're a real pasta pro like me, you can get seven on the tines and two on the "bowl" - but that's only with years of practise. We need to design a proper fork for dealing with this awkward dish.

I'm happily eating my pie. His Lordship is complaining because only the pastry can be sliced and the rest of the pie is basically a caramel sauce and bananas. But I think it's GREAT! :D Who needs traditional sliceable pie when you have a plate full of yum? He is licking the plate though... But in fairness, you kind of need to.

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