Monday, 25 October 2010


Kyle's still a pain in the ass. I bought her a basil plant. She looked at it and said "That's very pretty." I picked a leaf and she went "oooh, my favourite!" NOMNOMNOM!

"Can I have another?" I point and say to her that the entire plant is right next to her. She says "Yes, and it's very pretty - can I have another leaf now?" So I had to pick another one and she happily nommed it. I ended up picking about a dozen leaves; apparently they taste better individually.

Total derp: "Oh, I like that comedian, he's funny!" Uhh... duh?

ScottishRose: "I swear if she doesn't turn off the aircon I'm going to die of phenomena." Topped only by the response from my colleague's sister: "Yeah, we're going to end up with homophobia!"

Nederlander: " I said to the doctor, whenever I harvest our cornfields, I get a really bad headache. It's a migraine, he explained. No it's not, it's mine! And why have you started talking with an Italian accent?"

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