Thursday, 28 October 2010


Hah! Meme made mainstream! I gotta say, these look really rather nice too. They appear to be basically Muller yogurts, made in Shropshire. I will keep my eyes open for these down at the supermarket to give them a try, purely for the "Nom" theme and the useage of "phenomenomanom" in a televised advert campaign.

We had a wonderfully nommable meal at Garthy's again, as a special treat, what with it being 2for1 grill night. Pea and ham soup so shockingly green I could have painted spring grass on a canvas and sold it for a fortune, and a rump steak done to perfection. I swear that chef psychically knows how I like my steak - medium rare, but more rare than medium. His Lordship likes his more medium than rare. He tried creme brulee and declared it as "nommity - exactly what I wanted!", whilst I enjoyed an extraordinary chocolate orange tart, with white chocolate and Bailey's sauce. As always, deeply impressed! If I had an unlimited budget, we'd eat there every week - the food is spectacular...

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