Friday, 29 October 2010

Writing's Working!

I just LOVE getting this message: "Thank you for submitting to the Neopian Times. Currently your submission (Inserted name of current article by me) is being held over and may be considered for future publication in the Neopian Times. There is no need to submit your submission again, as it is saved by the editor."

I've discovered this to mean that the first staff member to read it, liked it, and has handed it on up to the editor for approval - and so far I haven't had any of my articles rejected. Each one is another feather in my cap - or should I say quill feather? Hehehe. I also won this trophy finally for winning the biggest Go! Go! Go! tournament.

Five more articles in production, and I'll link up my new one once it's released.

QOTD: "]#'9009?.,?.;,lp[]][plkmn mp[--[='/" - Whoops - just poured tea on my laptop! Shouldn't get so enthusiastic when I win a good hand!

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