Sunday, 28 November 2010

Cookies with a Smile

I adore this time of year. I've just dug out the box with my tree in it (and His Lordship has dropped it), my big box of last year's baubles (to rescue some of the right bits, which He nearly dropped too) and my HUGE bag of wrapping paper.

I know I'm terrible when it comes to wrapping presents. Currently, I have THIRTY TWO rolls of giftwrap and I love it all. I have flock papers in sexy black velvet, glitter papers with delicate tendrils of golden sparkles, glossy thick paper with deep red roses, fine black paper with rainbow stars, silky purple with gaudy metallic baubles, traditional hollies on cream parchment-look, white with silver snowflakes...

This year I'm bringing back the pink and purple of last year, supplementing it with a matching metallic red. I also found some cream paper with pink metallic Victorian style patterns on - and a purple version to go with it!

In the meantime, grab a cocoa and a chuckle.

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