Sunday, 27 February 2011

Satisfying the Soul - one way or another.

I had to have a sigh to myself. I've been looking for something to do in the limited spare time I have, something to better myself. However, the courses available at the local college at times I can take (EG, not weekdays or full time) are: Welding, BSL or Cake Decorating.

I mean, really, do I look like a freakin' cake decorator to you?!

It's a shame the other two are so expensive; I don't really have daily practical use for them to justify the cost. Admittedly, I was very tempted by the welding course (especially by the mig and tig section) but it's £500!

Ah well, I satisfied the soul in the simplest manner and now we are both fair blegged and contented. Thanks Choi's! Peking chicken and Satay rice really IS amazing... Spicy and sweet, tart and warm, all at the same time. It's like all the best flavours crammed into one bowl. Sticky shredded beef just puts the proverbial cherry on the Chinese cake.

Quote of the Day: Poignant fortune cookie. The message tore as it came out, and reads: "love is perfect, even when we are not."

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