Saturday, 9 April 2011

Comfy Cupboard.

I've spent most of today footling round on eBay and the rest of it trying to discourage Tsam from climbing on the fireplace.

After the 30th attempt, he managed to squeeze into the space between the hearth wall and a cupboard. It was an impressive move, requiring an awkward vertical jump and a scuttly strafe movement along the actual wall. And bloody annoying, because it's a very tight fit for a large dragon going headfirst and full of cobwebs. Apparently they're the unpleasant bit, as they cling into your eyes.

I gave him the cupboard full of cobwebs at the other side of the hearth to sit in instead. He appears very happy hunkered down on the chilly stone.

Meh, go figure.

In the meantime, my leftover reptile spares have reached an impressive £40 before postage, and there's still another day of bidding. Probably a good job, because I just spent £180 buying an XBox Elite 250GB console with 18 games and a big pile of control bits. Whoops!

Quote of the Day: "Looking back, I realize, that the human head was never meant to look back, but just forward... and side to side. But I can walk backwards: unleashing the mother f*cking moon walk..." - Shrombie, in his surrealistic world. His blog is a bit strange.

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