Thursday, 12 May 2011

You Don't Have to Be Evil to Work Here, But It Helps.

Going to work can actually be hell - forgive me, it's been a bit busy what with having to travel further and work longer hours. I completely forgot to say that I met Tom Holt on the 6th - but I did ring and tell my Mum that evening.

I mean, I knew he lived in Somerset (in Chard in fact, where I've been posted) but I confess to being a little overwhelmed with work to think about it. I felt like a right dink when I looked at his book, looked at him and asked the obvious: "Sorry for the silly question, but are you Tom Holt the Author?"

Bless him, he was very nice about and and confirmed this to be the case. My colleague said I should bring my books in for him to sign, but I felt this would be unprofessional - it was a delight and a pleasure to meet him as it was. He was amused by this, and I hope to catch up with him another time when we have less of a queue...

Thing is, if I were to take a book in to be signed, which one would I take?!

I think it might have to be the Dead Funny omnibus - I thought both stories were great and I particularly appreciated Lucky George Faustus's abuse of the ATM machines (so that it chewed on a tie of a customer and tried to eat him!)

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