Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Suuuuper SANDY!

Sandy is feeling much better - so much so, she and Kyle spent the afternoon sizing each other up for dominance. There was some gentle tail biting, lots of running and even more posturing, before Kyle decided that Sandy can have the downstairs tank after all.

Sandy doesn't even mind the mess and noise I made as I was sewing the Darigan hoodie - quite the opposite, she's been quite interested in the whole process.

Actually, she is a very bright young dragon; I showed her the door of the straw Tiki hut in the front room a couple of days ago, and she really took to the idea. She knows to run straight through the door and dig round in little circles until she's comfy. Much brighter than Kyle who sleeps behind it unless you post her in, or Tsam who sleeps behind the guitars, missing the point entirely.

Plus she has an awesome "BACK OFF BEEYOTCH!" face.

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