Saturday, 15 December 2012

Things that happened today:

I mostly poked numbers and failed to book more than one appointment. People don't want appointments so close to Chrifsmas.
Rich was at his work's do, so I mooched the reduced price shelves, found nothing interesting (other than asparagus for 80p) and came home in the rain.
My umbrella folded itself up on me twice, somewhat comically. Stomped in a large puddle. Deliberately.
I ate slightly stale crumpets for dinner, having found nothing better at the shop.
Hyphen dribbled on me. You've never met such a drooly dragon.
Jac tried to bite me twice, so I have given him the carpet cutout and a toughened glass mirror. He needs to burn off that aggression and develop a better attitude. I will not tolerate a vicious lizard.
Sandy and Mocha dozed, and I found Tsam asleep and chilled through by the kitchen door. Silly bugger.
Wrapped some more presents. I love gift wrapping.

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