Saturday, 4 January 2014

Licensed Pastafarian?

My driver's license renewal notice arrived.

As promised, I am going to attempt to join the Pastafarians in Europe, to get the colander on an official identification document - to be the first in the UK to do it.

I have read through the UK driver's license and passport regulations regarding photographs, and I believe it can be done, as there's a notice regarding medical or religious headwear. The fact that it has already been done in two other countries should make it easier, and I am sure I have plenty of character witnesses willing to agree that I am indeed a genuine Pastafarian - if I really have to, I will get a letter of recommendation from Bobby himself, though I'd rather not have to trouble him. (Though I will let him know if I am successful!)

The ID agent has gone to ring the helpline to see how do deal with this... She hasn't heard of Pastafarianism before. Luckily, I was prepared and had the BBC articles to hand.

There may be a risk of the DVLA rejecting it, but it took Niko three years, after all. I'm not in a hurry - and I'm sending a letter to support it.

 3/1/14 - finally got my hands on a working printer!

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