Saturday, 15 February 2014


I apologise. I have entirely neglected my blog/online diary. Damn you, Google Plus, for pretending to be as efficient as a blogdiary!

In fairness, nothing much really has happened. Well, actually, come to think of it, I suppose there has been a fair bit of stuff since November. I seem to have lost some posts somewhere along the line!

Recently though, I started a fight with the DVLA about the rights to my Pastafarian Driver's License and I will be writing another letter requesting which specification my photo doesn't meet (and sending them the same picture again!) - they're not going to shake me off that easily. If they think I'm having a laugh, they're in for a nasty surprise!

An ATM swallowed my card and £30 of my money when the locking catch failed - I pressed the button, and the machine rolled back into its unit. Inconvenient.

Mum wanted a fresh banoffee pie for her birthday.
I could not find one ANYWHERE, so ended up making one from scratch - though I confess to cheating where possible. I used a cheesecake-style biscuit base because my previous efforts at pastry have always sucked, and I used a can of Carnation's ready made caramel; well, for the sake of the messing around making it myself, it's more efficient - and more cost efficient.

I finished it off with some awesome Oetker's gold cake spray - that's shimmer spray for desserts (a truly great idea!), fresh slices of banana and one of Mum's indoor sparklers.

Which she promptly burnt her finger on, and then used said pie to cool finger.

Eh. Even her supposedly banoffee-disliking husband liked it. I'm quite pleased with myself.

Though it has backfired a touch.
She wants one every year now.

Myself, Himself, Tsam and a bunch of friends attended a very-gay play, written by one gay friend and acted by another. I'm still waiting for them to return our silk dressing gowns...

Jac managed to puke on the back of his own head, but otherwise the dragons are healthy and happy, and just coming out of brumation.

I'm doing more work on the dragon apartments, decking out Sandy's tank with a banana leaf swing, grasses and more plants to hopefully make our jungle-dragon a bit more sociable. Oh, and I made some hats for dragons. Here's Jam wearing one - and a moustache, because she's a jolly good sport.

We discovered Terry likes to eat his dinner from a spoon. He won't eat from the little cups - but spoons? Heck yes!

Talking of cups, I've bought an obscene amount of cup-a-soup, because it was three for the price of one. You really can't knock a deal like that, especially when the ones with those little croutons in is on the same offer - and I do like cup-a-soup. Creamy vegetable, or perhaps the mushroom - His Lordship really likes minestrone.

Also linked, come to think of it, the dragoncam is causing me great frustration, but I'm hoping to get some info back from the manufacturers about embedding techniques - my old Y-cam you just splat a link in, but this one's proving to be a bit more tricky. (Though MUCH better quality!) Watch this space for updates - I hope to overcome the authentication problem soon!

And the weather sucked. I'll write more later. I'm going to bed now!

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